Seafood Chowder - Creamy New England style, with seafood, potatoes, carrots and smoked bacon. cup 6... bowl 8

Snow Crab Legs - 1/2 pound...9

Squid Rings - Lightly breaded and fried, served with cocktail sauce and pesto mayonnaise.
regular... small 7... Large 9
Cajun... small 7... Large 9

Spicy Buffalo Shrimp - Lightly fried and dressed with Texas Pete butter sauce. Served with celery and bleu cheese dressing 8

Shrimp Cocktail - Seven shrimp steamed and chilled to order, served with cocktail sauce and lemon 9

Half Shell Oysters - Steamed or raw Market Price

Half Shell Clams - Steamed or raw Half dozen 7... Dozen 12

Steamed Peel and Eat Shrimp - With melted butter and cocktail sauce
Half pound 10.00... Pound 19

Consumer Advisory: - Eating Raw Oysters, Clams or Mussels may cause severe illness. People with the following conditions are at especially high risk: Liver Disease, Alcoholism, Diabetes, Cancer, Stomach Disorder, Blood Disorder, Weakened immune System. Ask your doctor if you are unsure of your risk. If you eat Shellfish and become sick, see a doctor immediately.